From Barriers to Bridges

I run half-day and full-day workshops for single family groups, single generation groups, mixed family groups and professionals.

Those workshops combine presentation, group discussion and role-play to give the best possible learning experience.

Working in small groups we will explore together why the way our brains, and our societies, have evolved often make it difficult for us to communicate effectively, particularly in relation to those things that matter most to us.  I will share with you techniques for overcoming those obstacles, from preparatory exercises through to the "difficult conversation" itself, and you will have ample opportunity to practice those skills in role-play.

For those who want to address specific issues, I am happy to design role-plays that focus on those issues.

All workshops are run under the Chatham House Rule.

What if ... ?

A question for patriarchs and heads of business families:

What would happen if you were hit by a car tomorrow?  Not killed, but no longer able to participate either in management, or ownership decisions.

Assume - after all it is possible - that, while you cannot communicate with the outside world, you remain fully aware of all that is going on, and react (internally at least) as you would have done before.  Take some time ...

Is all as you would wish? 

If not, what do you need to change?

How do you get from where you are, to where you need to be? 

How do you think everyone else involved would react?  

How might you get them on board?

Would those be easy conversations, or could you use some help?