I speak regularly at conferences and seminars, and am available as a keynote speaker, about family dynamics, culture, effective communication and conflict management.

In addition to the seminars listed below, I have run a number of in-house seminars for law firms, private banks and trust companies which are not listed for reasons of confidentiality.
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Mediating Trust, Probate and Succession Disputes

STEP Hong Kong Limited, 29 January 2010
Mediating Trust, Probate and Succession Disputes
In addition to presentations based around the slides in the PowerPoint, this workshop included an interactive case study in which the delegates were divided into a number of groups, each representing a party in a mediation.  A general set of facts was given to all, and a confidential briefing was given to each group concerning their "character".  After being given time for preparatory discussion within the groups, I led an open discussion of the issues that would likely arise in course of the mediation and how both advocates and mediator might deal with them.