Each of the books listed below has affected the way I work to a greater or lesser extent.

I continue to read widely and will add new books to the list as I do. New additions will be flagged on the Home page under Reading Recommendations.

Over time, I will add reviews of each of the books listed.
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How to beat bedlam in the boardroom and boredom in the bedroom

Gunn J, 1st edition (2010), HotHive Books

I must declare an interest: Jane is a member of the Mediation and Training Alternative's faculty that has taught me so much of my craft as a mediator, but I can't let that stop me describing her book as I find it!

Jane's practical experience as a peacemaker shines through her identification of our key concerns in all our dealings with others: do I matter? and, am I heard?

Through a series of entertaining case studies Jane explains how we all tend to deal with difficult situations, both at work and at home, and suggests in plain language how we might do things better.

A "must read" for anyone who would benefit from improved communication skills, or who would like to resolve their differences with less angst - and who wouldn't?