Each of the books listed below has affected the way I work to a greater or lesser extent.

I continue to read widely and will add new books to the list as I do. New additions will be flagged on the Home page under Reading Recommendations.

Over time, I will add reviews of each of the books listed.
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The Logic of Failure: Recognising and Avoiding Error in Complex Situations

Dorner D, 2nd English edition (1997), Basic Books

In an engagingly written book, Dietrich Dorner outlines the "roots of catastrophe". 

He and his team ran computer simulated strategic planning games  with input from all manner of public officials, scientists and  economists, whose planning, decision-making and evaluation processes were also recorded.

The clear conclusion, set out here in graphic detail: we are much more at risk from the well intention acts of good people, than the deliberate and malicious deed of the malevolent!

The chapter on Chernobyl is particularly chilling: " ... if we think of failure as meaning that someone did not perform a task that he should have performed and if we look at the individual elements of behaviour that ultimately produced the accident at Chernobyl, we cannot find a single example of failure ... They did, of course , ignore the safety rules.  But in doing so they did not neglect anything or do anything accidentally.  Rather, they were of the opinion that the safety rules were designed much too narrowly for an experienced team". 

Make your leaders read this book!